Privacy Policy

The objectives

Information gathered by this website( is statistically analyzed to assist in the smooth operation and improvement of this website. No personal information will be disclosed to a third party, unless a request for disclosure of information gathered by this website may be made in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations. This privacy policy applies only to this website. In outside websites created by related organizations to which this website links, another privacy policy prepared by each website supersedes this privacy policy.

Scope of information collected

  1. Information about the Internet domain, IP address and related information can be collected by using cookies and access logs.
  2. Individual's personal Information including name and organization can be collected through e-mail address which is necessary to Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology in Japan(ARIM Japan) server for correspondence.
  3. Individual's personal information including respondents' names, organization, and email addresses can be collected through survey forms related to this site.

The objective of usage

  1. Individual's personal information held by the system shall be used only to assist in the smooth operation and improvement of this website.
  2. Above information can be transferred to whom it may concerned at the ARIM Japan, and can be seen by the administrator of ARIM Japan server for the analysis of this web-site.
  3. Personal information collected in "Scope of information collected 3" and the contents of responses to questionnaires will be used for the smooth operation of the ARIM Japan including support for users. In addition, it may be shared among institutions participating in the ARIM Japan.

Observance of Laws

In treating an individual's personal information held by the system, we will obey the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs" (Act No. 58 of 2003), "Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Incorporate Administrative Agencies, etc." (Act No. 59 of 2003), " Unified standard for CyberSecurity Measures of Government Agencies " (July 7, 2021), and handle such information appropriately.

Security Assurance Measures

ARIM Japan is devising the necessary measures, such as technological steps, for appropriate management of the information gathered as well as the prevention of leakage, losses or destruction of acquired information.

Applicable scope 

This privacy policy applies only to this website (


This policy will be suitably revised, in response to necessity.


For inquiries regarding this page, please contact ARIM Japan.

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  • 2023年11月22日