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Nanotechnology Open Facilities
(Osaka University)

We support development mainly by synthesizing/characterizing organic/inorganic/oxidative nanomaterials and nanowires, and creation of novel artificial superlattice materials through controlling nanospace.
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About this institute

Our "Molecule & Material Synthesis" platform supports developments of organic/inorganic/oxidative nanomaterials with synthesis, material structure analysis and characterization, and creation processes of low and generative energy device with synthesis of original thin films, artificial superlattice materials, nanowire and so on.  We support constructing prototype nanodevices through a serious process; coating (forming thin film), its analysis, creation device and its characterization.  The equipments and machines which are needed to progress them are lined up and users can use most of them by themselves, which are placed in 250 m2 and class 1000 clean room.  Our "Nanofabrication" platform also serves their supports with its equipments and machines in the same clean room and the users can progress more various kinds of processes.


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Nanotechnology Open Facilities Osaka University
Mihogaoka 8-1, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0047, Japan
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