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Anyone can freely access to our member institutes and cutting edge equipment. If you have already known a particular facility and particular institutes, you can straightly go to individual Web-page and apply your project by filling the form. If you need some assistance by the professional scientists to find a proper equipment, you can use a following "Quick Access for Users" or just dial the telephone number below.
  • Already got an innovative idea, what should do to establish the project?  
  • Want to discuss with a specialist of the research field of interest, because of the remarkable risk to be expected!!
  • Would like to go step forward by the use of cutting-edge facilities!!  
  • Need more efficient data production with high level equipment!!
 If you need general information on the Share-Use Facility in Japanplease also contact us freely!!

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 The center allocates JST regional coordinators in Hokkaido, Kanto, Tokai, Kansai-Shikoku and Chugoku-Kyushu to promote local industrial collaborations. One coordinator is located in NIMS to take care of the interdisciplinary researches among various fields.

1. JST regional coordinators

 The regional coordinators of JST, look for the further promotion of local industrial collaborations in different scientific fields. Based on the information on the research resources by JST, they will encourage the outside-users at local districts to join in this program. The introduction of innovative ideas and results by the new technology presentation meeting at JST will provide useful information to nanotechnology scientists, particularly young ones. Some projects will be carried out in the trial-use programs (FS). The seed which is created at the local industry will grow into a big project by the collaboration with national laboratories and universities. The matching of seed and need will show the significance of collaborative works between different sectors.
2. NIMS coordinator
 NIMS coordinator is managing the collaborative researches in which the different users and institutes are involved. Proposing the innovative ideas and results from the users to member institutes of three platforms, R&D projects can be established. The new ideas from JST coordinators will be merged and strengthened by the coordination of the center. One of the important role is to carried out the trial-use program (FS) for the challenging project for the future.


Trial-Use Program (FS)

 Nanotechnolgy Platform Japan (NTPJ) Program has a "Trial-Use Program" to encourage the beginners or young scientists to use cutting edge equipment in the member institutes. The purposes are to spread the concept of "Share-Use of Equipment" and to shorten the time for the beginners to realize the idea to the results. This is a propose-based system. After the approval by the center, some of the expenditures such as consumer goods and travel fee will be partially covered. It is recommended to apply through JST regional coordinators.

The proposal for the year of 2017 is now accepting now (in Japanese only)!!

The results of the previous proposals is here (in Japanese)


Exchange Programs

 There is an  Exchange Manager (EM)  at the center of NIMS. The Exchange Manager is planning technical seminars for young students, technicians and engineers in the various scientific fields. The knowledge for nanotechnology researches and the technique to use the cutting edge equipment are obtained through the seminar. The know-how and tricks for experiments are particularly important for becoming a top level scientist in the future.

 International exchange program is under way with the United States for young scientists. it is recommended to participate in the events, like "Asian Camp" and workshops. There are planned in connection with the International Exhibition of "nanotech JAPAN".



Event Promotion

 NTPJ is joining the following events an exhibitions to spread the new results from the program.
JAPAN NANO Symposium

"nano tech"
    International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference

・Japan-US, Japan-EC, Asian workshops, etc.

 * Updated information on the event is obtained at"EVENT"